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  • Good health is a requirement for productive and satisfying involvement in society and the economy;
  • Lack of good health causes excess stress in individuals and families;
  • Access to health has become a function of place of employment, residency or wealth. Many vulnerable Canadians lack private, employer or government prescription drug coverage;
  • One in ten Canadians is unable to fill prescriptions due to cost;
  • People with private plans for prescription drug coverage understand that premiums would be reduced substantially if medically necessary drugs were provided under a National Universal Pharmacare Plan;
  • Amongst OECD industrialised nations with Universal Health Plans, Canada is the only one without a Universal Pharmacare Plan;
  • Canadian taxpayers could save billions per year if prescription drugs were procured through a National Pharmacare Plan. Drug procurement is currently managed through a multitude of Federal, Provincial and Territorial programs with differing price regimes. Inequities in service amongst citizens across the country exist; and
  • Numerous commissions and researchers have clearly stated the economic benefits and the need for an equitable Canadian Universal Drug Plan: The Hall Commission, National Forum on Health, Romanow Commission, C.D. Howe Institute, The Council of the Federation, and Citizens’ Reference Panel on Pharmacare in Canada.

We, the undersigned, citizens and residents of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to:

  1. Implement through a Federal law, a Pan-Canadian Universal Pharmacare Plan, in this 42nd Parliament; and
  2. Implement a National Formulary for medically necessary drugs including a drug monitoring agency providing regulations and oversight to protect Canadians.


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